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will it blend?

it is well known that blender is an amazing free 3d suite, but what a lot of people don't know it that it's also a very impressive non-linear video editor. eventhough the blender foundation was very vocal about how everything (except sound) in elephant's dream and big buck bunny was made inside blender, since it was a 3d animation short film people tend to ignore the video editing side of it.

so what's better to prove the potential of a tool than to show a kickass work made with it? check out what talent, free software and a 160$ camcorder can produce:

(video here to watch in hd and for planet people)

as troy sobotka explains about the video in his blog.

gory details:
* created entirely on free software.
* motion footage shot on a 160$ dollar kodak zi6 portable video fixed lens recorder. no focus. no zoom. nothing.
* footage edited, composited, and visually affected with blender
* footage shot over the course of approximately two hours at a local park.
* end product produced in approximately four hours.

mesmerized? i'm sure you thirst to learn how to use blender for video editing.

no problem! check the fantastic screencasts made by richard querin explaining video editing in blender:
part 1. blog post - screencast
part 2. blog post - screencast

in a little over half an hour, the screencasts show you all you need to know about blender video editing. even cooler, i've heard troy and richard are getting together to make a screencast of profesional video editing in blender (all what troy did for the above music video). and also at the ubuntu studio team we are getting a main menu entry ready so users can launch blender in video mode with an optimized interface layout.

blender is tremendously powerful. a few reasons why:
1. operate on series of stills of infinite per-channel bit depth.
2. quickly generate proxies. for example, edit full hd footage on a netbook once your proxies are rendered.
3. openexr and other industry standard image formats. deep bitdepth and lossless.
4. nodal compositor built in. workflow similar to high end production flows.

all in all, it's an amazing piece of software that is growing more and more powerful every second.

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De: Vadim Fecha: 2009-02-18 19:32

Wow, thanks a bunch, defintiely a helpful post.

De: Dylan Mccall Fecha: 2009-02-19 06:20

Great! Thank you for this. I always thought Blender would be good for this, and this work confirms it. It's now my favourite video editor :)

De: luisbg Fecha: 2009-02-19 13:58


De: Racchio Fecha: 2009-02-20 10:15

Your screencasts are awesome! Sadly, here on Intrepid Ibex, Blender crashes as soon as I import any avi :(

Do you know if it's a common issue (I'm using Blender 2.46) ?

Thanks for your VERY useful work!

De: Troy James Sobotka Fecha: 2009-02-21 03:55


Not it is uncommon. Blender is one of the more stable applications out there, and the devs are very aggressive about issues of that nature.

I strongly suspect it is something at your end. Perhaps try an SVN version 2.4x development is bug hunting at this point. Building it yourself is very easy using scons and very easy to run as you don't need to install it - just run it from the development directory.

Hope all goes well... if not check back or send me an email...

De: Zta Fecha: 2009-02-24 15:14

Very nice post! Just want I needed. I'm looking forward to reading the tutorials in details and watching the screen casts.

Lately I've been taking up video editing, and the only usable application I could find was CinelerraCV together with ffmpeg (you just can't live without it, can you? ;)

I decided that if I wasn't happy with Cinelerra, I'd resort to Blender; I've used Blender allot before, but never as an NLE, and it was a long time ago anyway. But lately I've some discussions with the CinelerraCV-devs...or rather: I asked them if they could please implement their key frame editor like Blender's =)

CinelerraCV has a ton of video effects, but I don't like its editor much, so I'm definitely trying out Blender now! Thanks again =)

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