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jump the shark

when you jump the shark, it's time to cut!

have you ever needed an easy video cutter?
a few days ago I needed to split a video into parts so I could upload it to youtube (which has a 10 minute limit). being the 'look the cool tricks you can quickly do with gstreamer' kind, it came as a surprise that there was no easy way to split a video in parts. I started thinking about all the usecases where people need to just split a section of a video, easily, without full fledged complex video editing interfaces.

so I grabbed the python gstreamer hammer and started banging away...

jumptheshark -s hh:mm:ss -t hh:mm:ss input.ogg output.ogg

as simple as that! call the command, tell it where to start the cut, the duration, from which video and to dump it where. for extra credit there is a '-b' option to set a prefered bitrate.

project page at (awesome hosting by the way, source code in mercurial)
download the 0.1 code tarball

go and play with it :)
(soon: break the video into parts with x duration option)

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De: billy Fecha: 2009-07-13 19:44

very nice app. thanks.

De: Troy James Sobotka Fecha: 2009-08-03 04:54

Well done luis!

A few of these tools, including metadata ability, would be the keystones of a clipping / logging unit. Probably easy for someone to build a GUI around for further logging / input clipping.

Great work.

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