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snappy in gnome

Good news!
snappy is now in GNOME, and by that I mean:

snappy is now officially a GNOME project!
You can play with it, discuss it and report bugs all inside the GNOME umbrella... please do, no excuses!

snappy is an open source media player that gathers the power and flexibility of gstreamer inside the comfort of a minimalistic clutter interface.

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De: Leif Fecha: 2012-05-02 17:51

Neat. Now what's the Fedora package name for this? A yum search returns results for a different package by this name.

snappy.x86_64 : Fast compression and decompression library

De: Luis de Bethencourt Fecha: 2012-05-02 18:24

Hello Leif.

There are packages for SUSE, debian, Ubuntu and gentoo. Unfortunately, nobody has packaged it for Fedora yet.

What you are seeing is Google's compression/decompression library of the same name.

De: Scott Lavender Fecha: 2012-05-03 16:01

Congratulations! :)

De: Anónimo Fecha: 2018-06-06 19:10

As usual you did an great job evaluating the problem and finding a good answer. I will stay tuned for more releases on your blog. Essay

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