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GStreamer and emacs

Debug logs are an extremely helpful tool in the GStreamer developer's toolbox.
Most will say you can't live without them.

Something I've always missed when reading them is a convenient way to jump back and forth between the logs and the source code. So I went ahead and wrote an emacs mini mode that does exactly this:

an emacs mini module to navigate GStreamer debug logs.

When hitting Enter or M-. in a log file it will open the source code to the line that generated that debug message. If you have multiple emacs windows open, it will open the GStreamer source code file in the second to last active so you can continue reading the log in the active window. If you only have one window open it will open the source code file in the current one. After that you can use your favorite window and buffer handling to surf the files. Read, learn, write, and develop.

Click here to watch a screencast

To get it running you need to have loaded a tags table with the source code. Read this other article to learn how. I run it as part of my gst-uninstalled script.
Then just run M-x gst-debug in the debug log file's buffer.

Let me know if it helps your development workflow!

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De: Laurel Fecha: 2018-02-16 06:09

I have coding experience of 7 years almost in other programming languages. I read about debug logs but in my coding experience, sometimes error logs are the key to get actual issue. It makes debugging 1000 times easier. I just started working on GStreamer now-a-days and was searching on how to get its error log. So thanks Luis for writing it up.

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